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  1. You probably don’t think much about how dirty your cans are. Well except for when you have to take out the trash. In the meantime, they’re attracting unwanted pests and rodents and have become a breeding ground for some gnarly bacteria. Austin Bin Wash can get those stinky cans sparkling clean, sanitized, and deodorized with our eco-friendly process.
  2. Feb 19,  · Robert of Texas, beer, soda or pure water damage paper and cardboard so they cannot be recycled even when dried. The water causes the fibers to shorten and become unusable. You are correct, the water used to clean your trash is often worth more than the recycling, this is particularly true of glass and plastic.
  3. What Bins Do We Clean? Our trash bin cleaning service is not just limited to your trash cans. We also take care of blue recycling bins. Sustainability. Our cleaning method uses less water than cleaning on your own, high pressure, hot water ( degrees), and we collect and dispose of the water properly.

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