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  1. Sep 10,  · Tunnel vision occurs when one loses visual acuity in the peripheral visual fields while retaining visual acuity in the central regions. The vision can be considered to be constricted and concentrated in the central area, as when one is inside a tunnel looking out.
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  3. Sep 02,  · Definition of tunnel vision. 1: constriction of the visual field resulting in loss of peripheral vision. 2: extreme narrowness of viewpoint: narrow-mindedness also: single-minded concentration on one objective. Other Words from tunnel vision Example Sentences Learn More about tunnel vision. Keep scrolling for more.
  4. Tunnel Vision Treatment Losing peripheral vision or getting affected by tunnel vision is likely to affect your life in a lot of different ways. It not only robs you of your ability to see things properly, but it also snatches away the independence and convenience that you enjoyed once in living your life.
  5. The term tunnel vision means exactly what the name suggests: It is the loss of peripheral vision—the portion of your visual field that lies at the outer edges of your range of vision. Tunnel vision may be temporary or permanent, and it can have myriad causes. In this article we will provide an overview of the various causes of tunnel vision and the available treatments for these diseases and conditions.
  6. It’s like you’re looking through a narrow tube or a tunnel. This is how it feels to have “tunnel vision ” -- a loss of your peripheral vision. What Is Peripheral Vision? It’s what allows you to see.
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  8. Tunnel Vision's experienced doctors are always standing by to ensure you get the best care possible for your eyes. Call us now to schedule an appointment. Learn More.

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