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  1. pull over. v. 1. To draw or drag something over someone or something: The children pulled the covers over their heads. 2. To bring some vehicle to a stop at a curb or at the side of a road: When we drove up the coast, we pulled over at a lookout and watched the sunset.
  2. pull over definition: 1. If a vehicle pulls over, it moves to the side of the road and stops: 2. If a vehicle pulls. Learn more.
  3. Definition of pull over (Entry 3 of 3) intransitive verb.: to steer one's vehicle to the side of the road. transitive verb.: to cause to pull over pulled him over for speeding.
  4. pull over Bring a vehicle to the side of the road; also, instruct a motorist to stop. For example, We pulled over to ask a passerby for directions, or The state trooper pulled the speeding motorist over. [First .
  5. A garment, such as a sweater, designed to be put on or taken off over the head. Also called slipover.
  6. The pullover is an exercise that is performed with either a dumbbell or a barbell. Pullovers can be made to affect either the chest or the back depending on how .
  7. Mar 21,  · A study of nearly million traffic stops from around the US has concluded that, on average, black drivers are 20% more likely to get pulled over than white drivers.
  8. Apr 23,  · Bring your legs together as you flip over the bar. Your hands will still be gripping the bar, elbows bent, while your legs swing over the bar and your body rotates in a circle. Your body should be anchored to the bar right across your hips. It helps to look for Views: 77K.

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